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Europe offers very competitive industrial base and constitutes a global leader in the important fields. This leading position is possible to maintain only if the industry is digitalized successfully and fast. Globally, the BIM is perceived as a basic instrument of the digitalization of the construction sector, because it provides a formal frame for definition, exchange, sharing and retaining of the data and information on constructions.


Today it is indisputable that BIM will be used, the question is, how fast we will manage to pursue its implementation? 

The implementation process requires an intensive cooperation, a high level of communication skills, interdisciplinary collaboration, a pro-active approach and, last but not least, a high dose of motivation. Since the issue of BIM is complex, essentially changing perspective on all construction industry, requiring the change of mindset of all parties, it is important that this change happen conceptionally.

Support BIM association Slovakia and contribute to the implementation of BIM in Slovakia.



Since 2013, as the first and up until now the only independent professional organisation, BIM association SLOVAKIA has systematically dealt with the issue of Building Information Modelling in Slovakia.  By its various activities, it acts as an initiative facilitating the improvement of the construction environment from the bottom up.


Do you see BIM as an indisputable fate of the construction industry? BIM association SLOVAKIA offers independent and objective information, professional help and consulting. Join us and support the activities of BIM association SLOVAKIA.


Under the statutes in force, your application will be assessed on the basis of your written application. Proper members are being approved by the BIMaS presidential committee. Request your application to BIM association via email. We look forward to cooperation.

“Successfully executed construction of objects and buildings requires more and more precise planning.”

Continuously rising demands on quality, occupational health and safety, environment protection together with the growing price of inputs such as work, construction materials and mechanisms result in the higher need for precise preparation for the purposes of effective, smooth and safe course of construction.

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