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...towards the digitization of Slovak construction industry


Building information modeling is a revolutionary way of communication from the initial phase of project preparation, throughout the construction to the management of assets - Facility management. The aim of BIM is not to create a 3D model itself, but to compose complete, reliable, available and easily exchangeable information about the any object being constructed for everyone who will need it during the whole life-cycle.


BIM association Slovakia was founded in 2013 as a first expert organization dealing with the issue of building information modeling in Slovakia.


Support BIM association Slovakia and contribute actively to the implementation of BIM in construction industry. We are looking forward to cooperation in developing BIM in Slovakia.


Read our articles on various aspects of building information modeling. Correct and comprehensive information in one place.


Inernational conference CADforum

18th September 2019

Hotel Avanti, Brno



Národná BIM konferencia

26. október 2023

DoubleTree by Hilton



Odborný seminár

BIM on-site

27. október 2023




BIM (Building Information Modelling) design means “a return to common sense”. It offers almost complete control over the project and eliminates error rate of the designing activity.  Designer no longer expresses themselves with the line but constructs the building in the virtual environment from the materials and components having real physical, mechanical, energetic and other attributes and the BIM model verifies functionality of the object to be constructed even before the construction itself, thereby saving investor´s time and money. Architects and designers no longer work on each drawing separately, but they model a virtual construction with all its attributes and only then they gather graphical, textual and other data. BIM is an effective tool for coordination of all professions participating in the design of the project and not only enables generating 100% reliable area statements but contributes to a higher quality of project. It has been proved that a high-quality project and planning significantly impacts the price of the work.

In the individual stages of the life cycle we can make decisions that may lead to the reduction or increase of the price of the whole project.  It is obvious that the more progressive the project stage, the lower the possibility to affect the costs and the higher the price of each error.  In the 2D environment it is not possible to control all professions even with the simpler projects. Especially with extensive works, the BIM provides a smart solution.

BIM is the most meaningful on condition that it becomes a common language of all parties to the project: from investor, designers, through construction company to a building manager. In case of a BIM design, the outcome is no longer a sole paper project documentation but a virtual model of the real building that may be also used after final building approval, i.e. during its whole life cycle. Paper project documentation becomes only one of many possible outputs that BIM offers.

It is important that the architects and designers learn BIM as a new way of thinking during the preparation of the project.   BIM is a process whereby the software constitutes only an instrument. The appearance and the current ongoing development of the Building Information Modelling is a natural reaction of the construction industry to a digital era we live in as well as its irreversible fate.

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